139. Piggyback

Piggyback 1

Title: Piggyback
Date: None
Subject: Two faces
Measurements: 12 ½” W x 2 5/8” D x 19 ¼” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden frame, wooden forms, brush with black acrylic bristles, foam, paper letter cutouts
Description: A piggyback ride is depicted on a large, vertically oriented, rectangular wooden frame. Two faces are represented, one above the other, using smaller wooden forms. The upper face is made from two wooden rings with a wooden ball in each of their centers, representing eyes. A vertical, rectangular wooden form with one rounded end represents his nose. The lower face is made from a wooden brush with black acrylic bristles that represent his eyebrows. Two round wooden forms with round foam attached to their surfaces are attached under these eyebrows, representing his eyes. A black dot is drawn in marker on the center of each piece of foam, representing his pupils. Perpendicular to the brush is a long, thin, rectangular wooden form, representing his nose. Cutouts of printed letters spelling “Piggyback” are glued to the frame near the bottom of this framed surface.
Signed: “NSG” written in black marker on back.