161. Insider? Outsider?

Insider? Outsider? 1 Insider? Outsider? 2

Title: Insider? Outsider?
Date: None
Subject: Face
Measurements: 15 15/16” W x 9 ¼” D x 16 1/8” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden forms
Description: Vertical wooden planks representing bars span a square wooden frame. A rounded shape projects outward from the middle of the central bar. This shape represents a nose. On the back side of this square frame are two wooden ring shaped forms that occupy the top register of the frame, representing eyes that peer through the bars. Below the eyes is an arched wooden form representing a smiling mouth.
Signed: “NSG” written in marker on back
Note: Exhibited as #39 “Insider? Outsider?” at Duncan Campbell’s gallery in 1996. Cost: 950 British pounds.