193. Mexican Head

Mexican Head 1

Title: Mexican Head
Date: None
Subject: Aztec mask
Measurements: 9” W x 9” D x 11 ¾” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden forms, turquoise and yellow Italian glass mosaic tiles, metal disks, white plastic shapes, metal ring
Description: The surface of a rounded wooden form is covered with Italian glass mosaic tiles. Primarily covered with turquoise tiles, a band of four rows of yellow tiles wraps around surface of the mask in the region of the nose, which projects from the mask and is also covered in yellow tile. Eyes are represented with two metal disks. Rounded wooden forms with a hole pierced through each project from both sides of the face, representing ears. A metal ring dangles from the piercing in the right ear, representing an earring. A row of white, rounded plastic forms is attached to the bottom of the mask, extending below the bottom edge, representing a top row of teeth.
Signed: “NSG” etched on back
Note: Exhibited as #23 “Mexican Head” at Duncan Campbell’s gallery in 1996. Cost: 1,500 British pounds.