297. Floating Face

Floating Face 1 Floating Face 2

Title: Floating Face (working title)
Date: None
Subject: Face
Measurements: 10 7/16” W x 10 7/8” D x 13” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden box, wooden forms, wooden shoe last, black paint
Description: A deep, rectangular box painted glossy black stands vertically. It frames a floating face. Three wooden rings form the face. They are stacked next to one another, placed vertically, and attached to the rear wall of the box. Each individual ring has an identical round hole through its surface. The rings are situated such that each hole represents a facial feature: the holes in the two outer rings represent eyes, while the hole in the middle ring represents a mouth. The heel portion of a wooden shoe last protrudes from the center of the face, representing a nose or beak.
Signed: None