359. Giraffe

359. Giraffe 1 359. Giraffe 2

Title: Giraffe (working title)
Date: Unknown
Subject: Giraffe
Measurements: 29.5” H
Materials and Techniques: Assorted wood pieces, finishing nails
Description: This piece depicts a standing giraffe. The giraffe is made out of a small number of wood forms. The body of the giraffe is one, short horizontal wooden piece, from which rises a much longer, vertical wooden piece, representing the giraffe’s neck. A long cone is perched atop this vertical piece, representing the giraffe’s head and nose. The head is detailed with ears and two small eyes. Four short wooden sticks project outward from the body to form the giraffe’s legs. The final detail on the giraffe is tail, continuing from the back of the body.
Required Repairs: Missing ears.
Signed: Unknown