484. Cyclops


Title: Cyclops (working title)
Date: Before “Dec 1988”
Subject: Abstract standing sculpture
Measurements: Unknown
Materials and Techniques: wooden cogs, assorted wood forms
Description: Side 1: Various wooden forms are assembled to resemble what can be interpreted as a seated person in profile. Among the many shapes that comprise this figure, one can make out a rounded, bent arm, a curved nose, and an alert eye.
Side 2: Various wooden forms surround a vertical black rectangle. The forms are of all shapes and finishes, and emerge at various angles. Several forms can be interpreted as contributing to an overall figure: a mallet-shaped cylinder with two round incisions is perched atop the rectangle like a pair of eyes; two identical rectangles emerge from the bottom of the rectangle like feet, and towering cylinders protrude from the middle of the rectangle like a belly button.
Signed: Unknown
Status: Unseen