528. Slave Ship

Slave Ship 27 in H


Title: Slave Ship
Date: 1976
Subject: Slaves packed into a ship
Measurements: 24” x 37”
Materials and Techniques: Wood frame, Looming Tools
Description: A wooden frame serves as the background for this piece. Forty-six dark wooden pieces are arranged within the frame. The pieces are thin cylinders with a wider top, like a mallet. Each piece has ribbed rings along its body and painted-white indentations around its top. Seventeen of these are lined up vertically across the top of the frame, alternating top up, top down. Another seventeen of these pieces are lined up across the bottom of the frame, in the same alternating fashion. In the middle of the frame, twelve pieces are lined up horizontally. Their tops are affixed to the outside edges, alternating right and left, while their bottoms overlap down the middle of the piece.
Signed: Unknown
Status: Unseen