58. Kate

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Title: Kate
Date: 1986
Subject: Standing girl
Measurements: 7 ¼” W x 7 ¼” D x 54 ¼” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden forms
Description: A cylindrical wooden form stained black serves as the base for this image of a girl in a standing position. Five long, thin wooden forms comprise the body. Two forms represent legs, one represents the torso and neck, and two represent arms. All five pieces are placed vertically. A round wooden form representing the head is placed atop the wooden form representing the torso and neck.
Signed: “NSG” etched on side of base and “NSG 86” etched on top of base
Note: Exhibited as #34 “Kate” at Duncan Campbell’s gallery in 1994. Cost: 1,500 British pounds.