16. Morning Stretch


Title: Morning Stretch (working title)
Date: None
Subject: A nude woman seated, stretching her limbs
Measurements: 4 5/8”W x 8”D x 10 1/8”H
Materials and Techniques: Wood, wood with pink stain, metal pins, pen ink
Description: A stylized, seated woman stretches her limbs. She sits on a thin, rectangular wood base. Her arms and legs are made of cylindrical pieces of wood nailed together in the locations of limbs’ joints. Her right leg is extended in front of her and her left leg is crossed over her right leg. Her arms are extended forward. Her head is represented by a circular piece of wood, that is carved slightly inward. A cylindrical piece of wood attaches her head to her torso. Her torso is represented by a pear-shaped piece of wood. Her breasts are represented by two circular pieces of wood glued onto the torso. Each breast is accented with a wooden bead stained pink, representing the nipple. On the reverse side, strokes of a pen connote her backside.
Signed: None