29. Woman With Ring

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Title: Woman With Ring (working title)
Date: None
Subject: Woman looking at her ring
Measurements: 13 1/16”W x 4 15/16”D x 38 7/8”H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden forms, top of a wooden cane, metal wire, button
Description: A variety of wooden pieces compose a stylized figure. One long, narrow, hollowed piece of wood, resembling a shaft, extends from the bottom of the head until the waist, connoting the inner piping of a human being. Attached to the sides of this piece are four pieces of wood, which together form the figure’s hourglass shape.

Attached to   the top of this piece is the head that is composed of two pieces of wood that form its circular shape. A thin, circular piece of wood is attached to the center of the head, representing an ear while a small piece of wood extends from the side of the face, representing the nose of a face in profile. The rounded handle of a wooden cane attaches at the figure’s shoulder and curves forward towards to viewer to appear as an arm with a bent elbow. Metal wire is attached to the end of the truncated cane to resemble a hand with five fingers. A circular, black button with a gold border is attached to the ring finger to represent a ring. Three curved, rectangular planks of wood are attached to the bottom of the figure in a horizontally stacked position, continuing the curve of the hourglass shape. Two small, circular wooden pegs are attached on each side of the middle plank of stacked wood, connoting breasts.
Signed: None