101. Strolling Spoons

Strolling Spoons 1 Strolling Spoons 2

Title: Strolling Spoons (working title)
Date: None
Subject: Two figures walking
Measurements: 6 ¾” W x 6 ¾” D x 13 ¾” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden spoons, wooden jar cover
Description: Two walking figures are represented using two wooden spoons. The rounded end of each spoon represents each of their heads, while the handle of each spoon represents the rest of the body. Intersecting the mid-point of each of their bodies is another portion of a spoon handle, representing a second, back leg that is supporting each of their animated postures. Two pieces of wood are also attached to the upper portion of each of the spoon handles, representing arms that are swinging outwards. One spoon is larger than the other, suggesting that the figures are different in age or in gender. These figures are attached to a very thick, round, dark wooden base whose diameter tapers slightly towards its bottom.
Signed: None
Note: Exhibited at Camden Art Centre, 1980