112. Duck

Duck 1

Title: Duck (working title)
Date: None
Subject: Duck
Measurements: 13” W x 9 ½” D x 10 ½” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden shoe forms, wooden board, green, white, blue, and gold paint
Description: Fragments of three wooden shoe lasts are conjoined to form a duck. Two conjoined shoe lasts form the duck’s body. The toe-end of one last, painted gold, is the rear-end of the duck. This is attached to another last, painted bright blue, that forms the chest and neck of the duck. The top of this form is painted white. The third last is attached perpendicularly on top of the white section, forming the duck’s head and beak. This portion of the last representing the duck’s head is painted green. A thin white stripe separates the painted green portion and the end of the last, which represents the duck’s beak and has been left natural.
Signed: None