52. The Woman Behind the Mask

The Woman Behind the Mask

Title: The Woman Behind the Mask (working title)
Date: None
Subject: Man’s face covering reclining woman
Measurements: 6” W x 9 9/16” H
Materials and Techniques: Paperboard, two cutouts from reproduction postcards and/or art books, plastic covering
Description: The image of a reclining female nude (Sitting Nude, Amedeo Modigliani, Italian, Livorno 1884-1920 Paris, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp) is partially obscured from the area of her mouth to her mid-thigh by the image of a man’s face. His eyes and mouth are cut out, exposing the woman’s nipples and pubic area. Each nipple is exposed through each of the man’s eyes, representing his pupils. The woman’s pubic area appear as a tongue, visible through a cut out in the shape of the man’s mouth.
Signed: None
Note: From the Pictorial Puzzler Series