60. Gleeful


Title: Gleeful (working title)
Date: None
Subject: Woman
Measurements: 13” W x 7 ¼” D x 28” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden board, wooden forms, wooden spindles, section of a tree branch
Description: The form of a standing woman is represented by a variety of wooden forms. The woman stands on a rectangular wooden board that has a hole drilled through one corner. Wooden spindles represent her legs. Her left foot is placed slightly ahead of her right foot. A sectional slice of a tree branch represents her torso. Attached to its surface are two carved, rounded, wooden forms with red-dyed wooden forms attached to each, representing her breasts. Two identical arched forms are attached to either side of her body, representing her arms. A round wooden form is attached off-center to the top of her torso, representing her tilted head. A variety of forms compose her facial features. Two ring-shaped wooden forms represent her eyes, attached below two arched forms representing her eyebrows. A small curved wooden form represents her nose, and an arched wooden form represents her upturned mouth.
Signed: None