81. Smiley Delivery

Smiley Delivery 1 Smiley Delivery 2

Title: Smiley Delivery (working title)
Date: None
Subject:  Abstract face
Measurements: 9 9/16” W x 2 ½” D x 13 ½” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden box, cup of wooden spoon painted red, wooden shapes painted black, wooden shapes
Description: A variety of pieces of wood are assembled within the frame of a vertical wooden tray, representing a face. The tray has two cutouts for handles located on the two shorter edges. A series of thin pieces of wood divide the tray, or face, into three rectangular registers. Within the upper left register is a square wooden shape that has a round shape cut out of its center, representing his eye. Above his eye is a half circle wooden shape painted black, representing his eyebrow. The same shapes are present in the upper right register of the box, representing his other eye and eyebrow. The central register, in the shape of an upside-down “T” contains the man’s nose and mouth. A large wooden rectangular shape occupies the leg of the upside-down “T.” The mouth is located in the crossing of the “T.” A half-doughnut wooden shape forms the smiling mouth. The bowl of a wooden spoon that is painted red projects from the interior of the arch, with the bowl facing downward, representing a tongue that is sticking out of his smiling mouth. Two wooden half-discs painted black attach to the outer walls of the box at the same level as the eyes, representing ears.
Signed: None