80. Rasta

Rasta 1

Title: Rasta
Date: None
Subject: Face of Rastafarian man
Measurements: 17 ½” W x 4” D x 16 ½” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden forms
Description: The face of a Rastafarian man is represented by a series of wooden forms attached to a round wooden shape that serves as the base of this wall-hanging piece. This man has a Rastafarian hair-do, with dread-locks represented by two bunches of wooden spindles that project in a vertically splayed manner from either side of his cap. Some of the spindles have small applications of green paint. Protruding from his face is a wooden form painted red representing his lips, as well as a slightly curved triangular wooden form representing his nose. His eyes are represented using two thin wooden rings. The rings are partially covered by a wooden half-circle, representing the cap on his head, which extends down to the mid-point of his eyes.
Signed: None