85. Standing Man

Standing Man 1 Standing Man 2

Title: Standing Man (working title)
Date: None
Subject: Man
Measurements: 8 ¾” W x 6” D x 21 1/3” H
Materials and Techniques: Wood forms
Description: A variety of wooden forms are assembled to represent a man. His head is a vertically oriented, rectangular wooden shape with rounded edges. A rectangular wooden block painted black intersects his head, representing his hair. His facial features are depicted with different wooden shapes: two pegs represent his eyes and half-ring shapes attached to the sides of his head in front of his hair represent his ears. A wooden form painted black in the shape of a quarter circle represents his protruding nose and a curved piece of wood represents his smiling mouth. His neck is represented by a long cylindrical shape attached to another larger, cylindrical shape with an expanded rim at each end, representing his torso. Two long rectangular shapes with rounded edges extend from the top of his torso along the sides of his body, representing his arms. A cylindrical shape at the end of each arm represents each of his hands. His legs, represented by two cylindrical shapes, extend vertically from his torso, so that he appears in a standing position. Wide, shallow cylindrical shapes of slightly different heights support each of his legs representing his feet. His phallus is represented with a small cylindrical shape that extends vertically from his torso and between his legs. A pointed shape painted pink is attached to its tip.
Signed: None