20. Fred and Linda


Title:  Fred and Linda
Date: 1983, according to Presentation Portfolio II entitled: NORMAN SUMNER GREEN
Subject: Two stylized standing figures in dialogue
Measurements: 13”W x 10 7/8”D x 24 7/8”H
Materials and Techniques: Wood, wooden furniture legs, metal wire
Description: Two stylized figures stand facing one another on a rectangular wooden base. Wooden furniture legs represent their legs and torsos. Metal wire bent into appropriate shapes attach at their shoulders to represent their arms and hands. One set of their thumbs touch. Egg-shaped pieces of wood represent their heads. The male gender of one figure is represented by minimal stylization while the female gender of the other figure is represented by additional elements of stylization. Round pieces of wood are attached to her torso to represent breasts and a piece of wood is attached to enhance the size of the female’s behind. A small hole is drilled near the hips to connote a vagina.
Signed: None