21. Girl in Pink Slip


Title: Girl in Pink Slip
Date: 1988
Subject: Standing female nude
Measurements: 5”W x 5”D x 18”H
Materials and Techniques: Wood, wooden kitchen utensils: a wooden rolling pin, plastic buttons
Description: A stylized woman stands with folded arms on a painted black wooden circular base. A wooden rolling pin represents her legs and torso. The middle section of the rolling pin is stained pink to represent a skirt. Curved, rounded pieces of wood are attached to the torso to represent breasts. Attached to each breast is a spiraled, pink-stained wooden bead, representing a nipple. Her arms and hands are made from pieces of two wooden kitchen utensils. Small, colored forms attach to a round piece of wood to represent her head and face. A piece of red painted wood represents her mouth and a small, cylindrical piece of wood represents her nose. Two round plastic buttons with blue borders represent her eyes.
Signed: None