31. Man in Drawers

31a. 04.30.08 31b. 04.30.08

Title: Man in Drawers (working title)
Date: None
Subject: Abstract man standing
Measurements: 9 15/16” W x ¾” D x 22 ½” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden drawer panels, wooden shapes
Description: Two wooden panels that once served as the fronts of drawers represent a man’s body. The horizontal panel represents the man’s head, while the vertical panel represents the man’s torso. Two pieces of triangular, curved wooden shapes are attached to the bottom of the vertical panel, representing his legs and feet.
Date Cataloged: September 9, 2008
Required Repairs: According to an early photograph, a wooden fork with shortened prongs was attached to the body of this piece, representing an arm. Uncertain whether this piece as it appears today without the arm is purposeful, or whether it should not be considered an incomplete piece.
Signed: None
Location: Farmhouse, 748 Tiplady Rd. Hebron, NY
Status: Seen