33. Pregnant Woman Doing Lamaze

33a. 04.30.08

Title: Pregnant Woman Doing Lamaze (working title)
Date: None
Subject: A woman stands with her arms raised
Measurements: 15 ½” W x ¾” D x 28 ¼” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden forms, wooden clothing hangers, sheet of silver metal
Description: Attached to a thin, dark, vertical, rectangular, wood panel is the image of a woman standing with her arms raised. Her head is made from a round wooden form and her torso is a pear-shaped wooden form. Her limbs are made from two wooden clothing hangers. Each hanger was broken in half and the two halves of each hanger are used to connote a set of limbs. A piece of thin, silver metal in an upside-down heart shape is attached to the woman’s torso, representing her breasts. Two indentations are engraved into the metal piece, representing nipples. A circular region of the lower area of her torso, outlined in pen, appears faded and discolored. Originally, a round form, perhaps with the image of a baby, may have been attached to this region of her torso, representing a fetus in her womb.
Date Cataloged: September 9, 2008
Required Repairs: Round form representing her pregnant belly may be missing.
Signed: None
Location: Farmhouse, 748 Tiplady Rd. Hebron, NY
Status: Seen