41. Sprinters

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Title: Sprinters (working title)
Date: None
Subject: Abstract image of athletes racing
Measurements: 17 ¾ W x 13 ¾” D x 8 ¼” H
Materials and Techniques: Wooden board, white paint, eight women’s shoe horns: 1 natural wood, 3 painted silver, 1 painted white, and 3 with green paint remnants
Description: A rectangular wooden board with one rounded side represents the racetrack. Seven white lines are painted across the narrower side of the board to represent the different racing lanes allocated to the racers. The racers are lined-up side-by-side along the side of the board that is across from the rounded side. These racers, represented by women’s shoehorns, appear as though they are running because their heads, the balls on the backs of the shoehorns, bobble forward and back. The curved metal, which allows them to bobble, is attached to the front of the shoehorn that represents their bodies.
Date Cataloged: September 19, 2008
Required Repairs: None
Signed: “NSG” written in permanent marker (pre-existing signature “A. Papish”)
Location: Farmhouse, 748 Tiplady Rd. Hebron, NY
Status: Seen