22. Ovum

22a. 04.10.08

Title: Ovum
Date: None
Subject: A man’s face, framed
Measurements: 11 ¼” W x 4 1/8”D x 14 1/8”H
Materials and Techniques: Wood, wood painted black
Description: An oval-shaped recessed space of a dark, wooden rectangular block encases the form of a man’s face. The face is made of glossy, painted black wood. Facial features are represented by glossy, painted black wooden shapes: two circular pieces of wood connote eyes; two arched pieces of wood connote eyebrows; and a triangular piece of wood protrudes from the face to connote a nose. Two thin, rectangular pieces of wood with arched centers represent a mouth with parted lips. Between the lips rests a blond egg-shaped wooden form.
Signed: None
Note: Exhibited as #28 “Ovum” at Duncan Campbell’s gallery in 1994.  Cost: 950 British pounds.